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Reviving Lives and Nurturing Circular Futures: Natalie Davies and BINGO Industries

This captivating artwork visually narrates the circular practices model, showcasing how modern solutions align with traditional Aboriginal culture for the betterment of our planet. The 2023 ACE Awards recognised outstanding achievements within the sustainability sector, with the Full Circle Award winner (Ryan Swenson, CEO of Circonomy) receiving the original “Caring for Country” piece. Other esteemed […]

Revolutionising Australia’s Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector through a Circular Economy

KPMG Australia’s Circular Economy team is leading the way with a ground-breaking materials flow analysis for the fisheries and aquaculture sector, as part of a pioneering three-year program, funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) and Regional Circularity Cooperative (RCC). To celebrate Circularity 2023, we are excited to share the preliminary results of […]

Pioneering Traceability Solutions: KPMG Origins Integrated Waste Tracking Solution for enhanced hazardous waste regulatory compliance

The KPMG Origins Integrated Waste Tracking Solution (IWTS) is a key step for the NSW Environment Protection Authority (NSW EPA), in collaboration with the Queensland Department of Environment and Science (QLD DES), to deliver on commitments made under the National Waste Policy Action Plan and NSW Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041 to develop a […]

Guidance for a more circular future in Australia and APAC presented at Circularity 2023

The Conference brought together passionate business and government leaders and provided actionable steps towards a more circular future New research findings from Planet Ark revealed at the conference show progress in the circular economy confidence-knowledge gap Presented by Diversified Communications in partnership with Planet Ark’s Australian Circular Economy Hub (ACE) Hub, Circularity encouraged sectors with […]

ACE Awards 2023 Honours Australian Organisations and Individuals for Achievements Towards a Circular Future

The awards were presented to the winners at the 2nd annual ACE Awards celebration ceremony held in Melbourne and hosted by Costa Georgiadis. The awards consisted of the following five award categories, and winners were presented awards made by Defy Design, a Sydney-based company that specialise in designing and manufacturing impactful products made from plastic […]

How to build a circular economy

Leading companies have come to understand that tackling climate change requires them to fold environmental thinking into their core business strategies. From transforming their operations, phasing out greenhouse gas emissions, and looking up and down their value chain for sustainability opportunities, these brands have embraced the need for transformative change in everything they do. Not […]

Driving a circular future

Victoria is leading the way. In 2020, the Victorian Government released its first circular economy policy. The 10-year plan for a cleaner, greener Victoria prioritises investment in the waste and recycling systems that are needed to build a sustainable and thriving circular economy, leading to more jobs and less waste and pollution. With the policy […]

A circular economy can a pathway to a low carbon future

Amid the rising tide of environmental crises, Australia stands at a crossroads. Our collective future on the planet, our ecosystems’ health, and our businesses’ prosperity hang in the balance. It’s time to recognise that a circular economy isn’t just an idealistic dream; it’s the pragmatic pathway to a sustainable and profitable future. The Climate Council […]

Measuring Circularity: Paving the Way Towards Meaningful Action

The Importance of Measuring Circularity By assessing our circularity, we can identify the disparities between where we are now and where we need to be to create a world that is both ecologically stable and socially inclusive. Measuring circularity is crucial in our pursuit of a more regenerative future. It provides us with a clear […]

ReSource: Revolutionizing Circularity in E-Waste Recycling

As we embark on a journey toward a more sustainable future, innovative solutions are essential. Enter ReSource, a trailblazer in the e-waste recycling industry headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. ReSource has been working relentlessly to transform the way we handle e-waste and to support circularity in the electronics industry. E-Waste: A Looming Crisis E-waste poses multifaceted […]

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