Food waste’s role in the transition to a circular economy

Brooke Donnelly, General Manager Sustainability at Coles Group

Relations with nature – a conundrum in manufacturing

From a product certification perspective, there is a clear need to disrupt and renew our way of working with the manufacturing industries to bring them closer and shift the mindset and outcomes in our relationship with nature.

BINGO receives approval for Recycling Water Treatment Plant

BINGO has reached a significant milestone in securing Department of Planning and Environment development approval for the Patons Lane Recycling Water Treatment Plant (RWTP) and Leachate Treatment Plant (LTP). This coincides with the reactivation of BINGO’s Patons Lane Landfill, which commenced operations on 3 July 2023.

Investing in circular solutions

To fast-track our transition to a circular economy, Sustainability Victoria (SV) is providing businesses with the funding, tools, expertise and networks they need to innovate for sustainability.

The Coles R³ Packaging Framework in action

Charlotte Rhodes, General Manager Own Brand, Quality and Responsible Sourcing at Coles Group

Make the Switch with McFarlane Medical

McFarlane Medical (McFarlane) is a 100% Australian owned healthcare supplies wholesaler. The business has operated for 40 years and services all states of Australia.

How to Reignite Your Decarbonisation and Circular Economy Journey

Using the Edge Impact Circular Economy, Procurement, and Scope 3 (CEP3) Rapid Diagnostic Tool

Bandag – circularity for truck tyres

The Bandag retread process exemplifies product circularity and a working circular economy within the tyre industry. The local manufacturing process re-captures the value of old truck tyre cases and retreads them to give them additional working life as high-quality Bandag products, before being recycled into raw materials or other products at their end of life.

Circular Transition: Driven by Innovation from Small and Medium Enterprises

Imagine for a moment if every person on Earth enjoyed the same standard of living as an average Australian.
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