Industry Breakfast: Technologies for a Circular Economy

Join us for an exclusive networking style breakfast event where innovation meets circularity.

21 November 2023
Grand Hyatt Melbourne
7:00 - 8:30 AM

Join us for an inspiring Industry Breakfast dedicated to exploring cutting-edge technologies that are propelling the circular economy forward. Discover visionary companies that are leading the charge in developing innovative products and solutions to revolutionise the transition to a circular economy.

Be inspired by cutting edge solutions that keep products and materials in use for longer and regenerate nature – sounds like circular solutions to us! Limited tickets are available for this exclusive event, so don’t miss out. Be a part of the change.

  • Visionary Companies: Get introduced to 5 visionary companies at the forefront of circular economy innovation.
  • Innovative Products: Learn about their groundbreaking products and how they are designed to extend the lifespan of materials, reduce waste, and promote sustainability.
  • Circular Economy Solutions: Gain insights into how these technologies are reshaping industries and working towards regenerating nature, all while creating a more sustainable, circular world.

Meet the Visionaries of Sustainable Innovations

Close the Loop

Close the Loop (CtL) provides best-in-class sustainability solutions to help companies like yours enhance corporate social responsibility programs. We first earned the trust of the global imaging industry where we continue to design and manage highly efficient ink and toner take-back, recovery, and reuse programs. These partnerships are with Fortune 500 companies such as Xerox, Staples, HP and Konica Minolta. Today, manufacturers of all types turn to CtL to minimize waste and work towards a circular economy. A circular economy makes the most of your valuable resources, transforming items that would normally end up in landfills and oceans into useful commodities that can be returned to the supply chain.

Mint Innovation

Mint Innovation, a New Zealand cleantech company, has scaled biological processes that recover valuable metals from waste. Our first process is a unique biometallurgical approach to recover metals from electronic scrap. A key aspect of the Mint process is the use of proprietary microbes that are selective for specific metals. Combined with the advantages of low-cost green chemistry, we aim to make it viable, both economically and environmentally, to capture value from e-waste near its point of collection.

Planet Price

Our team is on a mission to help large organisations tread lightly on the Planet by reducing the environmental and social impact of their supply chain and operations. Sustainable procurement is one the most powerful levers for change with up to 80% of impacts resulting from supply chains. But to influence change, procurement teams need a simple metric that can help them to balance economic, environmental and social considerations.

This is the purpose of Planet Price: to help business transition to a more sustainable, circular future by calculating the real cost of everything.


Polestar - the guiding star. We are an electric performance brand, determined to improve the society we live in. Our focus is on uncompromised design and technology.

Passion and emotion drive us, electricity and innovation drive our cars. Our products are excellent, efficient and entertaining. In Polestar’s future, there is no room for shortcuts, excuses or compromises.

We are all in, dedicated on our ambition. Guiding our industry forward through pure, progressive, performance. At Polestar, the sky is the limit.


Utilitarian provides a convenient solution that makes life easier for consumers. With Utilitarian, digital recordkeeping has never been easier.

The Utilitarian app is your centralised solution for all your product and customer service needs. With a single digital wallet, Utilitarian brings together key services and product information, making it easier than ever to become a conscious and sustainable consumer.

This one convenient app enables all consumers to improve personal sustainability and contribute to the circular economy. It empowers people to repair, repurpose, return, resell, reuse, and recycle products—in ways that benefit consumers and contribute to saving the planet.

Our Industry Breakfast Speakers

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