Meet the 2023 ACE Awards Winners

The ACE Awards Winners

Brought to you by The Australian Circular Economy Hub (ACE Hub), the ACE Awards recognises and celebrates those who are driving Australia’s transition to a circular economy. These finalists represent the people and companies at the forefront of Australia's circular transition. Through their innovation, talent and foresight they are inspiring others to work towards integrating new and innovative circular economy practices as the norm in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Emerging Circular Leader Award Winner

Sarah D’Sylva,
Co-Founder & Circular Design Strategist of Hyloh

The Emerging Leader Award recognizes an individual that demonstrates inspirational leadership, effort and vision in progressing the transition to a more circular economy in Australia. Central to circular leadership is its capacity to empower individuals, groups, institutions, and societies to flourish amidst turbulent changes. This award is designed to shine a light on emerging leaders who are championing circular economy practices and delivering meaningful action with enthusiasm, courage, and compassion, but are also acting on clear and well considered plans to amplify their impact.

Circular Leader Award Winner:

Belinda Chellingworth,
Director of BC Consulting

The Circular Leader Award recognises an individual that demonstrates inspirational leadership and experience in progressing the transition to a more circular economy. Central to circular leadership is its capacity to empower individuals, groups, institutions, and societies to flourish amidst turbulent changes, where entrenched, inflexible norms must give way to novel and comprehensive approaches that pave the way for achieving envisioned futures. This award recognises those who have not only seen but have actively progressed the transition from where we were to where we are today and are working to accelerate circular economy in Australia.

Design for Circularity Award Winner

Biodegradable Period Pant

The first principle of the circular economy is about understanding that waste and pollution are largely a result of the way we design and manufacture products. This award category celebrates new and innovative ways to design out negative impacts through intentional design and smart manufacturing processes.

Retaining Value Award Winner

Justin Pilgrim,
Sustainability Manager of Cobram Estate Olives Limited

Keeping products and materials in use and at their highest value is a core principle of the transition to a circular economy. The Retaining Value Award recognises those who are successfully achieving this.

Full Circle Award Winner

Ryan Swenson,
CEO of Circonomy

Bringing it all together, the Full Circle Award is a recognition and celebration of a systems approach and consideration of all three principles of the circular economy. Projects demonstrate incorporation of all three principles using one or more circular business models and are proven solutions in your sector/industry/supply chain.

The 2023 ACE Awards Finalists

Meet the visionary individuals and organisations who submitted their exceptional projects for the 2023 ACE Awards. Your commitment to innovation and sustainability is truly commendable. These submissions showcase the pioneering efforts and groundbreaking ideas that are shaping our world for the better, more circular future, inspiring us all to embrace the principles of circularity and drive positive change.

Full Circle Award

  • Adetex.CS, Circlolink. Circular Digital Product Passport via RFiD THREADS® and CIRCAA Cloud Platform
  • Boomerang Labs, Boomerang Labs: Australia’s first circular economy startup accelerator
  • Modibodi, Recycled Pairs Project
  • FOUND:ling Reusery, A New Approach To Value-Add Reuse

Emerging Circular Leader Award

  • Adele Lanson, Head of Production and Ethical Sourcing, Cargo Crew
  • Jess Hodge, Co-Founder, Resourceful Living
  • Matthew Askeland, Victorian Environment Lead, ADE Consulting Group
  • Rae Knopik, CEO, GREN
  • Dr. Yassie Samie, ESG & Sustainability Manager and Early Career Researcher, RMIT Alumna; Leaf Group

Circular Leader Award

  • Brett Henderson, Chief Collaboration Officer, Brett Henderson Co
  • Hayley Jarick, Company Secretary and CEO, Supply Chain Sustainability School Limited
  • Jennifer Macklin, Senior Research Officer, BehaviourWorks Australia & Monash University
  • Karie Soehardi, Director, Sustainable Materials Specialist, Circular Design Thinking

Retaining Value Award

  • Good360 Australia, The Circle of Good – Ensuring brand-new goods receive a ‘first life’ in the hands of people in need, making a positive social impact whilst reducing waste.
  • Transmutation Pty Ltd, Breadtags to Bar Chairs
  • Yume Food Australia, The Yume Platform – Managing Surplus Food at Scale 

Regenerating Nature | Special Recognition

  • Mycelium Futures, Cultivating a love for Mushrooms – Mush Fest and beyond

Design for Circularity Award

  • Little Bums, Big Impact, Little Droppings
  • Coles Group, KOi Refillable Foaming Handwash Starter Kit and Refill Tablets
  • FOUND:ling Reusery, Design from Reuse – Product Development From Unwanted Goods


  • The 2023 ACE Awards finalists and winners will be honoured at a celebratory cocktail reception on 20 November.
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