ACE Awards 2023

The mission of Planet Ark’s Australian Circular Economy Hub (ACE Hub) is to facilitate the transition to a circular economy in Australia and the Asia Pacific. A big part of this journey is to celebrate the achievements and successes of trailblazers at the forefront of the circular transition. The ACE Awards recognises the companies and people who are driving change.

November 2023
Grand Hyatt Melbourne
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The ACE Awards submissions have closed.

Thank you to everyone that has submitted their nominations. We look forward to announcing the finalists and celebrating with the circular community at the
ACE Awards cocktail reception on
20 November at the conclusion of the Circularity Conference.

  • Celebrate sustainability & the achievements of trailblazers driving for a circular transition
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ACE Awards Timeline

Entries Open 8 August 2023
Late Entries  9 September 2023
Entries Close 15 September 2023
Judging Commences 15 September 2023
Finalists Announced 23 October 2023
Awards Evening & Winners Announced 20 November 2023

Dedicated and visionary individuals and companies are sparking ongoing change and are driving action in our region to advance towards a circular future. The Recognition Awards shine a light on those already embracing circularity and are providing a beacon towards a circular future.

Emerging Circular Leader

The Emerging Leader Award recognizes an individual that demonstrates inspirational leadership, effort and vision in progressing the transition to a more circular economy in Australia. Central to circular leadership is its capacity to empower individuals, groups, institutions, and societies to flourish amidst turbulent changes. This award is designed to shine a light on emerging leaders who are championing circular economy practices and delivering meaningful action with enthusiasm, courage and compassion, but are also acting on clear and well considered plans to amplify their impact.

Circular Leader Award

The Circular Leader Award recognises an individual that demonstrates inspirational leadership and experience in progressing the transition to a more circular economy. Central to circular leadership is its capacity to empower individuals, groups, institutions, and societies to flourish amidst turbulent changes, where entrenched, inflexible norms must give way to novel and comprehensive approaches that pave the way for achieving envisioned futures. This award recognises those who have not only seen but have actively progressed the transition from where we were to where we are today and are working to accelerate circular economy in Australia. 

The Transition Innovation Awards are inspired by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s three principles of circular economy. These principles, underpinned by renewable energy, provide a solutions framework to transition our economy to one that reduces virgin materials consumption and addresses climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.

Design for Circularity Award

The first principle of the circular economy is about understanding that waste and pollution are largely a result of the way we design and manufacture products. This award category celebrates new and innovative ways to design out negative impacts through intentional design and smart manufacturing processes.

Retaining Value Award

Keeping products and materials in use and at their highest value is a core principle of the transition to a circular economy. The Retaining Value Award recognises those who are successfully achieving this.

Regenerating Nature Award

The Regenerating Nature Award recognises circular innovations that embody the circular principle of regenerating nature through whole system design with positive impact on natural systems, potentially adoptable at scale.

Full Circle Award

Bringing it all together, the Full Circle Award is a recognition and celebration of a systems approach and consideration of all three principles of the circular economy. Projects demonstrate incorporation of all three principles using one or more circular business models and are proven solutions in your sector/industry/supply chain.


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