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Hayley Jarick

Supply Chain Sustainability School

Hayley wears a few hats and has a few in storage. Hayley is the Supply Chain Sustainability School Company Secretary & CEO and has worked for BlueScope Steel, the Infrastructure Sustainability Council and Resolution Institute.

She is a Director of ResponsibleSteel, the Chair of Planet Ark's ACE Hub Procurement Working Group, a volunteer mentor with Beaumont People's LEAD program, and a member of a few working groups with the Property Council of Australia and the Materials and Embodied Carbon Leaders' Alliance (MECLA). Hayley is experienced in governance, strategic management, marketing, membership, adult learning, advocacy, financial analytics, sales and customer service in manufacturing, residential and commercial building, heavy construction, professional services, dispute resolution and international trade; for-profit and for-purpose; big and small; paid and voluntary. Hayley has an unhealthy obsession with tea and paint-by-numbers. Myers and Briggs call her an ENFP, other Personality Types gurus call her a Driver, and Herrmann calls her an Experimental thinker. Scouts call her Ikki, her friends call her Hayles, and her two children call her Mum.

The Supply Chain Sustainability School enables socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable supply chains for Australian and New Zealand organisations through open access to educational resources. The School provides free resources, tools, e-learning and face-to-face training as an industry-wide collaboration led by Fellows with a vision for "collaborative accessible education for a sustainable future".

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