Nov 19, 2023

We are creators of sustainable Australian-made furniture solutions for collaborative and communal spaces and featured in leading Australian workplaces, universities, schools and private homes. As creators of products on a finite planet, Koskela is committed to minimising our impact while helping our customers do good in the process. And as Australia’s first furniture B Corp, we’ve pursued this commitment for over 20 years. All of our furniture is Australian-made, which keeps our import and export emissions close to zero. We work with sustainable materials and ethical suppliers. And we have repair and maintenance initiatives in place to ensure our products last for as long physically possible. And when they reach the end of life? We turn them into new products. We don’t rely on carbon offsets or ‘clever’ carbon accounting to fuel our sustainability ambitions. Just hard work, clear goals, and good people. Speaking of goals, ours is to eliminate waste and be fully circular by 2027. How’s that for clever? A liveable planet. It’s part of the furniture.

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