2023 Retaining Value Award Finalist, Transmutation

Transmutation Pty Ltd
Breadtags to Bar Chairs

Transmutation Pty Ltd makes waste great again. We started our recycling and manufacturing business 4 years ago in an empty shed in the South Australian regional seaside town of Robe. We were the first business in Australia to make all the small scale plastic moulding machines from the international Precious Plastic movement. We downloaded plans, watched some YouTube and made the machines from old ovens, car jacks and scrap metal. This is how our business began in the recycling and manufacturing industry.

We had our first collaboration with the charity, Aussie Breadtags for Wheelchairs, who collect used breadtags from around Australia and send them to us in Robe colour sorted and consolidated. We donate to the charity who have purchased over 80 wheelchairs since our collaboration started. We upcycle the breadtags to quality homewares that are Foodsafe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe. Our second collaboration is with Country Road Australia who retail a special range of Breadtag Bowls (white breadtags only) and also design pieces for us. These products perfectly fit the brief for this category as we are taking low value single use plastic breadtags and upcycling them to high end homewares with great financial value and placing the items back into the circular economy at an elevated product level.

Our second product was a bowl made from post-consumer styrofoam. We believe this is also a first as we are making a solid Foodsafe bowl from post-consumer expanded polystyrene. Our third product is the one that we will scale the business with. The Barchair is made from waste from Dulux powder coating that is still considered unrecyclable. We have developed a patent pending process that will solve a world-wide problem. Transmutation literally makes waste great again.

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