Sarah D’Sylva
Co-Founder / Circular Design Strategist, Hyloh

“Imagine me armed with an eclectic array of material samples, sparking lively conversations about responsible production and consumption. These exchanges often lead to those delightful “aha” moments! Formally, my business, Hyloh, embraces the principles of circularity. We challenge the idea of sustainable materials, advocating instead for a systematic approach to materiality within the circular economy. Hyloh operates transparently, fostering global collaboration, and is 100% minority-owned, addressing the unique needs of women. As a design educator at Monash University, I impart my insights to nurture circular design thinking among future designers. Beyond academia, I volunteer my time to spreading awareness about circularity and social enterprise through presentations and panel discussions, as well as bring materials to kindergartens and elderly communities. I’m also able to introduce the concept of circularity to larger audiences by creating engaging webinars and public-facing content. Informally, people around me notice my knack for separating and cleaning recyclables, my keen nose for sniffing out greenwashing, and my habit of scrutinising everything I consume, from the materials in my clothing to the repairability of my devices. Through these actions, I aim to inspire others to break free from ingrained behaviours, promoting a clearer vision of a circular future”.

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