Rae Knopik

“In 2019, my formal journey into circularity began with a mission: raising awareness about fashion’s environmental impacts. Through social media, I’ve communicated circularity principles, blending feminism, personal style, and the joy of self-expression. Finding joy is so important because so much of fashion makes you feel like you don’t fit in – with both the trends and the clothing itself. But we can’t guilt our way into circularity; it can only be achieved though joy. In both formal and informal settings, I use fashion to foster a culture of creativity. Assisting friends, family, and followers in sustainable closet management, clothes mending, and style discovery is a regular occurrence, and together, we are able to turn a stressful task into something joyful and fulfilling. In 2018, I founded a feminist non-profit that embodies circularity principles. In 2021, my team and I launched GREN, a circular fashion house offering recycled cotton uniforms. We collect and endlessly recycle these uniforms. Moreover, my commitment to circularity extends into my first home purchase: a 14th-century home in an ancient Sicilian town. This restoration project, though challenging, truly reflects my values by preserving and regenerating history, showcasing my commitment to breathing new life into the old”.

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