FOUND:ling Reusery
Design from Reuse – Product Development From Unwanted Goods

FOUND:ling Reusery believes that value-add reuse can be a viable alternative to linear design from virgin or recycled materials, and offers substantial environmental/circularity benefits. Over 5 years we have launched a number of one off and series products created from unwanted domestic goods which meet the standards and expectations of new products, while being produced almost entirely from salvaged goods.

Two key examples of this are our bluetooth speaker and bedside table ranges. Our bluetooth speakers are built almost entirely from salvaged materials – unwanted radios. New materials make up around 5% of the overall product by weight, yet their inclusion allows for a non-functional radio to be transformed into a fully functional bluetooth speaker meeting Australian standards and providing all the functionality of a new bluetooth speaker.

Our bedside table range is built from vintage bedroom dressers. Identifying older mirrored bedroom dressers as a product that no longer has a use in a modern home, we developed an efficient method of dismantling unwanted dressers and savaging all of the components necessary to create a pair of bedside tables. The resulting bedside tables are generally made with absolutely no new components, but provide functionality equal to a brand new pair.

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