2023 Circular Leader Award finalist, Brett Henderson

Brett Henderson
Chief Collaboration Officer, Brett Henderson Co

Brett is an experienced ecosystem builder with demonstrable impact over the last 20+ years within and across multiple industry sectors. Part intrapreneur, part entrepreneur, Brett seeks to surround himself with passionate subject matter experts that also seek positive change.

Brett has stated that ‘The passionate people I get to work with have been critical to my success. Particularly in the circular economy with the complexities we face. Under my leadership with a systems thinking, design lead approach. We have built, influenced and supported the development of successful ecosystems, networks, organisations and projects across Australia. These initiatives cover the very much inter-related topics in which the circular economy now plays a central. These topic areas include exporting, innovation, regional and economic development, investment attraction, digital transformation and traceability. This is where my collaborative leadership approach has been differentiated. By partnering with the right people at the right time. Examples include national projects in sustainable packaging and reducing food waste and loss through improved cold chain compliance. I have built these ecosystems to encourage the genuine and effective collaboration. An environment for ‘the willing’ to come together, to learn, to share, to recognise and encourage others, in a circular fashion.’

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