Circularity 2022: ACE Hub’s ‘State of Circularity’ Research Report Exclusive

Circularity 2022: ACE Hub’s ‘State of Circularity’ Research Report Exclusive

Nov 24, 2022

Collaboration is key to Australia’s transition to a circular economy. At the inaugural Australian Circular Economy Hub (ACE Hub) conference, Circularity, to be held in November 2022, we are excited to launch our latest research report, State of Circularity in Australia 2022. The report is an example of collaboration in action between the ACE Hub team and the ACE Hub Technical Supporters Edge Environment, MRA Consulting Group, Point. Advisory, Thinkable Partners, ThinkPlace and thinkstep-anz. The ACE Hub Technical Supporter program assists in knowledge sharing and strategy advice to enable practical actions that can facilitate the transition to a circular economy in Australia.

The report’s chapters are authored by five Technical Supporters. Each chapter focusses on Supporter experiences in working with clients across a range of industries and sectors in the circular economy. The chapters highlight case studies and success stories, which are found in private sector and in local government. Key themes identified in the report include the opportunities and value available by transitioning to a circular economy, the need to take a holistic and systems change approach, and the crucial role that cross-industry collaboration plays in enabling the transition.

Whilst the transition towards a circular economy is still in its infancy in Australia, the report highlights examples of promising progress while providing practical guidance to inspire further advancement and collaboration. Aligning the launch of this report with the inaugural Circularity conference provides a point of reference for future research that can reflect annual increases in circular economy implementation across Australia.

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