Speaker Profile

Damien Melotte

Good Human

Damien is Strategic Design Director at Goodhuman and Vice-chair of the o2 Global Network for Sustainable and Regenerative Design. Growing up in Hepburn Springs, Damien ascribes his systems thinking and appreciation of nature to learning about ecosystems from a young age. An award winning Eco Industrial Designer, he completed a Masters of Design in 2002 based on Cradle to Cradle, Team Manufacture and DfA principles. At this time Damien researched Australian Indigenous Knowledge systems, a lifelong passion, with projects delivered for VACL, FVTOC and now the Indigenous Doughnut initiative.

Damien held exhibitions across Europe and ran international projects at the o2 Global Network leading Eco-Innovation events in Milan and London. On returning to Australia, he co-created the World's Biggest Green Drinks, Urban Reforestation Docklands, and worked with consultancies including Thinc beyond and Huddle Design. Damien expanded his Digital expertise in Strategic Design, UX, CX and Service Design, developing Products and Service Systems, for Government, NGO and Enterprise clients - working largely in Sustainability, Health Technology and Design Systems.

In recent years Damien held a Design Executive role at CEV, worked in the Built Environment on Circular Design initiatives and gained Packaging Recyclability expertise with PREP Design delivering projects for FMCG organisations including OJI Fibre solutions. Damien led CE projects at Mt.Alexander Shire and Hepburn Shire, in partnership with Z-Net and Hepburn Energy.

Damien believes in the power of Connection to Country, Strategic Design, Innovation, and Collaborative Business models working together can help drive transformation to Circular and Regenerative living systems.

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