Circularity 2023 Menu Footprinting  

The food we eat is the greatest driver of biodiversity loss and responsible for a quarter of our global greenhouse gas emissions. The team at Circularity 2023 are committed to doing better and one of the first steps towards meaningful change is impact transparency.

Circularity 2023 are pleased to be working with to provide an Eco-Score for the menu items offered as part of the catering at this year’s Conference.  

Their Eco-Score provides a scientifically robust methodology and simple communication strategy for footprinting food menus, based on a life cycle analysis (LCA) from field to consumer. In addition to LCA the Eco-Score integrates parameters that are not typically well measured in an LCA, including biodiversity and animal welfare.  

All food products are assessed in the same way and the results communicated in a clear scale from A plus to E minus. We’re proud that on average the meals at Circularity have a B+ ranking. Keep an eye out for eco-scores on menus across the event. is an Australian based company delivering on a global demand for data driven sustainability across the food sector. Thank you to Calyx and the Grand Hyatt Hotel Melbourne for collaborating on this initiative 


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