Apr 5, 2022

Coreo is a small team catalysing a big impact in the transition to a circular economy; an economy that serves people and nature, rather than one that people and nature serve. Our dedicated team of systems thinkers, strategists, and all-round doers guide high-profile clients to take circularity from theory to practice, globally. The company was co-founded by two sisters, Ashleigh and Jaine Morris, and has evolved into a team of fiercely intelligent, capable, and diverse leaders. As creators of Australia’s first ever ‘Circular Experiment’, Coreo’s unparalleled experience sees the team invited to speak at forums such as the UN Assembly, the World Circular Economy Forum, and TEDx Sydney. Coreo prioritises working with people and on projects that will have the greatest impact on the production and consumption of materials; the regeneration of the natural world; and the quality of human connections. From boardrooms to mine sites, beauty products to the built environment, Coreo’s unique approach encompasses imagination, hard work, and fearless curiosity. In this defining decade for humanity, Coreo is privileged to connect and work with brave leaders and determined to contribute a compelling alternative to the ways in which economies create value.

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