Session Information

20-Nov, 13:20 - 13:35

Edge Impact: The Edge Circular Economy Assessment Framework

Theatre 2

In this presentation, we introduce The Edge Impact Circular Economy, Procurement, and Scope 3 (CEP3) Rapid Diagnostic Tool. Designed by our team of experts, it enables organisations to transition from inertia to action within their decarbonisation and circular economy journey.

The CEP3 Tool harnesses best practices from ISO20400 Procurement, GHG Protocols Decarbonisation, and Circular Economy Principles to quickly assess opportunities within an organisation. It takes a practical approach that considers circular economy and decarbonisation in the context of supply chain and procurement.

During this session, we will explore how the CEP3 Tool can:
• Rapidly move organisations from strategy to action
• Identify high-impact areas for immediate improvement
• Address supply chain and scope 3 challenges with practical solutions
• Gain a competitive edge by staying ahead of future reporting regulations
• Streamline procurement processes with embedded sustainability

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