Darling Island Wharf

NSW's first 6 star rated building with carbon neutral status in Australia.


The Circularity 2024 conference will be held at the first 6 star green-star rated building in NSW. This architectural marvel has attained net-zero emissions and stands as one of the initial two structures in Australia to secure the esteemed certification under NABERS and Climate Active, adhering to the globally recognized Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

The eco-friendly measures implemented within the building are truly awe-inspiring. This has motivated the Doltone House Group, proprietors of the building, to formulate a distinct set of guidelines and blueprints for the interior design and functionality of the venue to ensure they harmonise with the building’s sustainable ethos.

By embracing and amplifying the principles and ideologies of the building, Doltone House aspires to pave the path towards a greener future by offering the most environmentally conscious venue in New South Wales.

We welcome you to Circularity 2024 to witness this extraordinary building firsthand.

Read the Doltone House Environmental Policy.

Discover what makes this building 6 stars – Darling Island Wharf Green Star Building.

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