2023 Retaining Value Award Finalist, Yume Food Australia

Yume Food Australia
The Yume Platform – Managing Surplus Food at Scale 

Yume is a social enterprise and tech startup that was created in 2017. Yume is a tech solution that prevents excess food products from going to waste. Excess food is an unfortunate reality of food manufacturing. It can be a result of errors in forecasting, products could be slow moving and obsolete, de-ranged, unsuccessful NPD or out of spec and mislabeled. These products are high quality and high value. Instead of allowing excess food to be written off and wasted, Yume connects the dots between manufacturers with excess products to buyers who understand their value.

If a product isn’t sold on the Yume platform, Yume technology connects the food-to-food charities with the click of a button. The Yume solution is designed to keep food at the top of the food waste hierarchy, ensuring the highest value is retained – following circular economy principles. By redistributing excess food to buyers and food rescue organisations, Yume helps manufacturers prevent food waste and get value back for their excess stock. To date, Yume has redistributed 5.8 million kilograms of food, returned $17 million back to manufacturers and donated 890,000 equivalent meals to people in need. 

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