2023 Regenerating Nature Award | Special Recognition, Mycelium Futures

Mycelium Futures
Cultivating a love for Mushrooms – Mush Fest and beyond

Mycelium Futures mission is to engage, inspire and educate the gardening community about low-tech mushroom cultivation for a healthy, sustainable food source. Emma Wasson, the Founder of Mycelium futures has run a series of 10 workshops at the Kensington Stockyard Food Gardens over the last two years, including for the National Sustainable Living Festival and November Urban Agriculture Month of 2022. Emma has also run workshops at Bunnings, the Brunswick Ecological Justice Hub and for Maribyrnong City Council, scaling out to other communities. She has taught 165 people skills in mushroom cultivation for self-sufficiency, making it easy and accessible and has grown an online Facebook community of 175 members.

Supply chains for mushroom production include sourcing used and reusable plastic containers from the community, substrate such as waste cardboard, coffee chaff from Rumble Roasters, sawdust and wood shavings from Melbourne Grown Timber, off cuts and agricultural waste such as corn hulls from Kensington Garden. These materials are then repurposed for DIY mushroom grow kits provided to workshop participants as they learn hands on.

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