2023 Full Circle Award Finalist, Circonomy

Circonomy & Mirvac
Circularity transforming business

Mirvac and Circonomy collaborated on a joint mission to transform office spaces, unlock new social procurement opportunities, and make a positive social and environmental impact. Circonomy is transforming the way Australian businesses operate through circularity and sustainability, as they work towards creating a world without waste. As a certified social enterprise, Circonomy works to repair, refurbish and rehome products, instead of sending them to landfill which has financial and environmental benefits.

An estimated 145,000 tonnes of strip-out waste is generated annually in Australia, with up to 80% ending up in landfill. Mirvac’s vision was to repurpose vacated retail space within one of their 46-storey A-Grade commercial office towers, avoiding landfill and reusing materials as much as possible. The scale of the project involved removing items and materials from 12 floors with a goal to divert 100% of materials from landfill.

Circonomy’s expertise provided an end-to-end solution to maximise the value of resources removed during the strip-out process, aligning with Mirvac’s sustainability goals. This saved approximately 180 tonnes of carbon. The project helped Mirvac to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, and Circonomy enhanced their project management skills in the area of sustainable de-fit service to extend their reach into Victoria, New South Wales and across Australia. Additionally, the project introduced a viable at-scale circularity business model to benefit business and community.

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