Dr.Yassie Samie
ESG & Sustainability Manager and Early Career Researcher, RMIT Alumna; Leaf Group

“As a mother, early career researcher (ECR), and ESG & Sustainability manager, I daily exercise Circular Economy (CE) principles. At home, I constantly evaluate product choices based on safety, necessity, ethical production, sustainability, and CE principles. I consider how long I can use and care for an item and plan for its disposal, repurposing, or give away. These questions shape not only our household economies but also influence my use of social media as a platform for swapping and education. In my professional role, I understand that being an ESG & Sustainability manager goes beyond the job description. CE is a way of life, and I advocate for its integration at various levels: staff training, business model planning, sustainable material sourcing, developing innovative practices and recycling schemes. I find informal conversations with colleagues during breaks serve as opportunities to inspire CE thinking that travels beyond the workplace. As an ECR, my research is inspired by CE challenges I encounter on a personal and professional level. In response, I propose a conceptual framework called “Textile Urban Metabolism” to support systemic transitions toward CE in a multi-stakeholder ecosystem (e.g. a city)”.

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