Jess Hodge
Co-Founder, Resourceful Living

“In my pursuit of embracing and promoting circularity principles in my day-to-day life, both professionally and personally, I have made a conscious effort to integrate sustainability into every aspect of my actions. Within my employment, I advocate for circularity by promoting resource efficiency, waste reduction, and product longevity. I encourage my team to rethink traditional linear processes and seek opportunities for closed-loop systems, emphasizing sustainability as a core business value. Beyond my job, I educate others about the circular economy through both formal and informal means. I’ve organised workshops, webinars, and training sessions for colleagues, acquaintances, and community and students. These sessions cover topics such as recycling, upcycling, and the importance of sustainable consumption. I’ve also used social media platforms to share insightful articles, and success stories related to circular practices. In my leadership role, I emphasise collaboration, systems thinking, and regeneration. I encourage teamwork and partnerships to drive circularity initiatives, foster a culture of continuous improvement, and emphasise the regeneration of resources rather than depletion. I believe that embodying these principles and mindsets is essential to guide the transition toward a circular economy and inspire others to join this transformative journey”.

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