2023 Emerging Circular Leader Award finalist, Adèle Lanson

Adele Lanson
Head of Production and Ethical Sourcing, Cargo Crew

Adele describes herself as passionate and curious. “I always endeavour to find ways to learn during my commute or spare time. I read, listen to podcasts and attend sustainability-focused events. These opportunities allow me to connect with like-minded individuals and share experiences related to circular economy practices.”

“For me, a key goal is to share knowledge and insights to a broader audience through communication and encouragement. I love having conversations with colleagues, friends, and relatives to share my knowledge and help them understand and build their own deeper knowledge of the circular economy. I also offer practical advice for adopting circular practices in daily life. It’s important to encourage everyone on their journey, no matter where they are at the present time. I always try to: -share information on success stories related to the circular economy on social media and relevant articles that I believe will enhance the understanding of my network. -Share practical tips that can readily be included in their day-to-day routine. Examples include requesting a food waste bin from the council, providing recycling information on our numerous camping trips, encouraging bulk food purchases as alternatives to mainstream supermarkets to minimise unnecessary packaging.”

“I champion the benefits of thrifting quality second-hand clothing, furniture and always encourage friends to buy on marketplace or op shops. I also like hosting clothing swap meets with friends. -I collaborate with local businesses for example volunteering at the Sacred Heart op shop. -In my professional world I Involve and invite my teams to events or webinars such as MTalks: rejecting the take-make-waste economy in favour of circular design. I also promote support for sustainability talks at Global sourcing expo, Nora Sustainable Retail, Tracing Cotton Supply Chains which involves trips to locations throughout Australia. -Share the business sustainability journey progress with colleagues”.

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