2023 Design for Circularity Award finalist, Little Droppings

Little Bums, Big Impact
Little Droppings

Little Droppings is a game-changing initiative that uses a ‘product as a service’ model to eliminate disposable nappy waste. In Australia disposable nappies make up 3% of total waste in landfill. Locally in Adelaide, the City of Unley reported that a staggering 16% of their Council household waste consisted of nappies in their 2021 audit. Little Droppings offers a circular solution which curbs this alarming waste trajectory as well as reducing material and energy consumption. Little Droppings provides reusable nappies through a weekly subscription approach.

The business lends, washes, and delivers reusable nappies direct to the customer. By using a rigorous user-centred approach in designing the service, Little Droppings has eliminated the barriers for parents and childcares in adopting and maintaining the use of reusable nappies! What sets Little Droppings apart is its focus on convenience, making sustainability the easy option!

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