Karie Soehardi
Director, Sustainable Materials Specialist, Circular Design Thinking

Karie’s leadership embraces circularity, integrating sustainability into the core of the textile, furniture, and interiors industries. Initially implementing sustainable change in companies from 2018, Karie launched Circular Design Thinking as a consultancy in the midst of Covid-19 to support the above markets’ transition to sustainable models.

Karie has stated, “I envision a more sustainable future and have kickstarted projects and advised on pilot programs, aimed at reshaping industry practices. Collaboration: My approach hinges on bringing people together – brand owners, manufacturers, designers, recyclers, and government agencies uniting efforts toward circular goals. These collaborations are both local and global. Innovation and Problem-Solving: I tackle product challenges with innovative solutions, and been a lead designer on skill development for a circular materials economy. Advocacy and Influence: With my team I have championed carbon footprint reduction and shared insights with our clients and helped them commence their sustainable journeys. Circular principles thrive on knowledge sharing and empowerment. CDT has held internal workshops for clients and launching short courses to empower industry professionals to drive change”.

On her long-Term Vision, “My commitment to realising a materials circular economy by 2030 is to drive change through fostering collaboration, solving intricate problems, advocating sustainability and empowering others”.

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