Jennifer Macklin
Senior Research Officer, BehaviourWorks Australia, Monash University

In 2017 Jennifer identified a significant gap in Australia’s ability to transition to a circular economy: understanding how to create widespread transformation in the behaviour of individuals, households, businesses and industries to reduce Australia’s material footprint and increase resource productivity, by consuming less, maximising use of, and recovering more resources. Over the past eight years, Jennifer has therefore dedicated her professional efforts and personal time to collating, extending and sharing the latest evidence of what works to change behaviour and systems towards more circular futures.

Jennifer has developed unique and unmatched expertise through almost 30 research projects, including literature reviews of academic and applied research, ground-breaking behavioural science trials, and on-the-ground behaviour change evaluations. She leads the way in understanding circular behaviours, their underlying decision-making processes and influences, and the most promising approaches and strategies to create society-wide change, as well as applying cutting edge techniques to identify priorities for where to focus current and future efforts to achieve this. Furthermore, Jennifer is dedicated to sharing her experience and expertise through a strong focus on delivering practical training, providing significant and balanced media commentary, and presenting at conferences, industry events and inhouse to key organisations progressing circular economy.

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