Hayley Jarick
Company Secretary and CEO, Supply Chain Sustainability School Limited

Hayley leads by example and challenges those around her (face-to-face and online) to step into sync. Hayley doesn’t “suffer fools” and is comfortable in respectfully calling out and challenging misaligned behaviour. Hayley is a champion of instigating constructive conflict and facilitating resolution for change. Hayley has experience in governance, strategic management, marketing, membership, adult learning, advocacy, financial analytics, sales and customer service in manufacturing, residential and commercial building, heavy construction, professional services and international trade; for-profit and for-purpose; big and small; paid and voluntary.

Personality Types gurus call her a Driver, and Herrmann calls her an Experimental thinker. Hayley is the Company Secretary and CEO of the Supply Chain Sustainability School Limited. The School enables socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable supply chains for all Australian and New Zealand organisations through open access to educational resources. The School is as an industry-wide collaboration, led by Fellows and Members with a vision for “collaborative accessible education for a sustainable future”.

Hayley is privileged to work in the field of sustainability supply chain education and has been the driving force behind the development of circular economy learning resources. In this capacity, Hayley has also been invited to speak at many conferences and events where she has showcased circular economic impact, 10 R’s, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), planetary boundaries and overshooting. Hayley also volunteers at numerous organisations.

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